Zooids: Building Blocks for Swarm User Interfaces

Zooids is an open-source open-hardware platform for developing tabletop Swarm User Interfaces, a new class of human-computer interfaces comprised of many autonomous robots that handle both display and interaction. The platform consists of a collection of custom-designed wheeled micro robots, a radio base-station, a highspeed DLP structured light projector for optical tracking, and a [...]

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Argentinian man invents affordable ‘hoverboard wheelchair

Argentine entrepreneur Abel Bertini presented his invention - a wheelchair powered by a Smart Balance 'hoverboard' - in Cordoba on Monday. Speaking of his product, Bertini said "The chair turns around 360 degrees, it has light load, it works on the street, pavement, ascends ramps. It has equal, even better features than other wheelchairs. [...]

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